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Melissa Stevens’ UtopYA 2015 Resolutions!

I was lucky enough to be a guest on The Paisley Reader’s blog today! Check out my resolutions for next year’s UtopYA conference!

The Paisley Reader

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Hi all and welcome to the next installment of the UtopYA Resolutions feature, hosted by Book Junkie: Not-So-Anonymous and me, The Paisley Reader! Each Tuesday either Ashley or I with have guest posts from authors, bloggers, editors, cover models, designers, publicists, or any UtopYA attendee in which they share the resolutions they’ve made for the year between the 2014-2015 conferences.

This week I am happy to say that today’s guest on my blog is Melissa Stevens, so take it away Melissa!

Melissa StevensutopYAn Profile:

– Melissa Stevens, The Illustrated Author
– Cover Artist/Designer
– Attended UtopYA in 2014 and is now addicted

So, last year, I was a newbie in every sense of the definition at UtopYA. I had never been to any type of convention, and because I was walking in blind and by myself, I was terrified.

Which is why, for the most part of the first day…

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That About Covers It

So I’ve lurked around blogs for a while now, and looked at plenty of cover reveals, editing advice tours, and so on. And because I think this is so fantastic, I decided to try my own hand at a blog, this one covering…wait for it…


Covers are an integral part of a book’s design-the real estate of a book, so to speak. And with that real estate, you want awesome curb appeal.

Obviously, as a cover artist/designer (there’s a difference), I have an opinion concerning the covers. But I also have an insider’s view as to the process, and I believe my knowledge can help you.

Whether you are an author, a reader, another designer or just browsing through, give my thoughts a look. They might enlighten you in the world of covers.


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